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Indonesia ARC Project Promotional Video

The ARC Project is a way to bring communities together to prepare to natural disasters. In Harm's Way gathers artists and leaders in villages and communities and teaches them about tsunami's (how the form, how to tell if they are comming, and how to react safely to them). Then, using supplies provided by In Harm's Way a map of the land is made and a warning system and evacuation route decided upon by those who live there. This information is then dispursed to the community and they have the opportunity to practice the evacuation route a few times.

Spring Research Conference 2022

Past Presentations

Julian Miracle

The work In Harm's Way did in the city of Julian, Indonesia saved lives when the people suddenly had to put into practice what they had learned.

In Harm's Way traveled to the city of Julian, Indonesia, close to the city of Lima. There they were able to work with the local communities to teach about natural hazards and how to prevent the lose of lives and how to be prepared. They were able to conduct evacuation drills to ensure the people would be able to get out of the city and to safe ground in the event of a tsunami or other disaster. However, shortly thereafter the people of Julian had to use their new found knowledge in a new way when a local dam broke and they had 9 minutes to evacuate the city to avoid the raging flood that was coming. Many buildings were lost, but over 2000 people were able to evacuate successfully.

To learn more and to see pictures, click on the link to the right.

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