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Measuring Boulders

Brierton Sharp


This research is based on tsunami boulder deposits in Indonesia. From these boulder deposits we can learn about paleotsunamis as their impact to better understand how to prepare for tsunamis now. I study the boulders through drone imaging and analysis using Agisoft. With further research we plan to understand how far tsunamis have inundated, their size, and their frequency.

Colomb Mapping

SRC 2022.png

Shayna Orme

My current research is mainly focused on illustrating and measuring the Coulomb stress transfer that results from earthquakes. The stress that builds up on a fault over time is released during seismic events and impacts the loading on surrounding faults. Some may receive an increase in stress, others may experience unloading, but understanding how stress is transferred can help us to better predict what areas are at increased risk for future earthquakes. I'm working to create models of this stress transfer in several areas, including the Wasatch Front and Sulawesi, Indonesia. My goal is to fine tune these models to create accurate figures in an easy to reproduce process, so this type of information is more accessible and easily understood. With these models In Harm's Way can work to educate those in high risk areas on earthquake preparedness and response strategies, in order to mitigate the impact earthquakes have in the future, and ultimately to save lives. 

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